Russian Association of Tea and Coffee Producers was established in 1999 under the wing of the Russian Federation Ministry of Agriculture and has been cooperating with it under a special agreement.

The Rusteacoffee Association is engaged in:

  • lobbying national tea and coffee industry interests with governmental authorities to create appropriate regulations for the respective market;
  • promoting development of the national tea-packing and coffee-processing industries and enhancing their investment appeal;
  • arranging for the information support of the Association members activities; assisting in developing international contacts;
  • popularizing tea and coffee, enhancing their consumption in the Russian Federation, and improving product quality;
  • assisting the Association members in resolving individual problems.

​The following major national tea and coffee companies are members of the Association, among others: "V.M.N. Business Systems", "Jay Rus", "Imperial tea", "Krasnogorskleksredstva", "TK Megapolis", "Moscow Coffee House", "Moscow tea factory", "Orimi Trade", "Paulig Rus "," Russian product "," Sunty  "," SDS-Foods ", "Slavcoffee", " Torginvest "," Universal food Technologies "," Tea company №1 "," Tea age "," Strauss "," Fes Product. "
The Rusteacoffee Association assists the specialized Ministries and agencies (Russian Federation Ministry of Agriculture, Russian Federation Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology, Russian Federation Federal Customs Service, etc) in drawing up documents related to the tea and coffee industries. Analytical materials are prepared and recommendations on the most urgent industry development issues formulated in collaboration with governmental authorities. The Association’s specialists sit on a number of inter-governmental commissions.
The Association was actively involved in adopting all key decisions which shaped the present tea and coffee market structure.
Association-based Technical Committee for Standardization No.451 Tea, Coffee, and Drinks Based Thereon at the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandard) helps harmonize national and interstate industry standards and regulations.
The Central Industry Tasting Panel is another arm of the Association; its functions include independent evaluation of products quality at exhibitions, conducting comparative tastings for the mass media, and drawing up expert opinions for various law-enforcement agencies.
The Association is a member of the International Tea Committee and Private Sector Advisory Council of the International Coffee Organization which enables us to provide information and analytical support to its members. Participating in the work of international organizations, the Association has the opportunity to influence the adoption of important for the global tea industry solutions (international standards, the elimination of trade barriers, etc.).
The Association was actively involved in the negotiation process Russia's accession to the WTO and lobbied the country's accession to the International Coffee Organization.

We invite to cooperate with us all interested organizations.